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June 27, 2012


Do I need license program product CM1 if I need TCPIP?

No, CM1 is not needed for TCP/IP.

The base TCP/IP support is part of the operating system.

Many of the TCP/IP Applications (e.g., Telnet, FTP, SMTP...) are part of the TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities (TC1) product, which should be installed by default.

The Web Server support is in the HTTP Server product (DG1).

Depending upon what other TCP/IP applications you need, other products may be required.

The complete list of TCP/IP servers supported on i, along with the product in which it is shipped, how to start the server, and the jobs that run for it are documented in the Server Table in the IBM i Information Center. This is a great resource for all TCP Servers supported by i.

The link to the version in the 7.1 Information Center is here -


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