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August 01, 2012


Nice command for kill system.

It would have been cool if IBM had implemented the DLTOBJ command to emulate the version from TAATOOLs with regard to the Object Type parameter allowing *ALL.

Hi Severin,

Certainly the use of a generic DLTOBJ command (or the API) can be very dangerous if you chose to use a generic object name or the *ALL option. These are not the defaults.

If you are concerned about the potential for accidentally deletion of objects, you could take actions to protect your system, such as using command analyzer exit points or restricting access to the command.


Promotion of this command in this  blog will lead to check how  it works in practice for many admins.  
Even an experienced administrator can make a mistake .
According to the theory of probability some of Ibmi system will  be killed by one  command.
My opinion - DLTOBJ command in 7.1 can be named as KILL THIS SYSTEM.

Hi Dawn ...

Are you sure that this was necessary?

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