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April 17, 2013


LS is about mirror.

Because of SLS, is it impossible to create a distributed database in IBMi?

I´d like to see a feature in IBMi where i can switch iASP in seconds and i dont need to varyonn the database in the second node.

The following information was provided by my DB2 contacts:

Single-level store does not prevent from doing what you want.
In general, an IASP is also a relational database. The IASP must be varied on or the disks simply are not available. However, you do not have to switch to the IASP to access the database. Like any other database product, your application can issue an SQL CONNECT statement to connect to that database and issue SQL statements.

Even easier, we support 3-part names and aliases in SQL so we can implicitly connect for you when you issue an SQL statement that references a remote database.

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