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March 18, 2014


IBM i under System Sofware: uhmm, it doesn't seem very intuitive.

One thing I dislike is that clicking on a dropdown arrow in the list on the left changes the content in the right pane. It doesn't do that in the Information Center and shouldn't do that here.

Also, the browser's back button doesn't always take you back to the previous page you were on, but instead takes you out of the Knowledge Center.

I've tried to search the word "%SCAN" directly. No result. Finaly I found step by step a proper link to be saved with the list of all the BIF:
I think the search field should work when you have to find something quickly.

Franco, Jean, Steve (and everyone else),

I'm glad you have taken the time to explore the KnowledgeCenter and appreciate your input.

The best way to provide feedback on the KnowledgeCenter is to use the feedback link at the bottom of each page.

I've used it myself and every comment I've submitted has been reviewed and I've received a reply.


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