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July 16, 2007


Aaron Bartell

I am right there with you Jon/Susan. I love the changes that are being done to RPG and only wish they would happen faster [putting on flame suit]!

Most of the time I hear the comments you mentioned from people who dislike learning new things or are too lazy to take the time and see benefit to compiler enhancements. Those people can't be helped, but instead I think the compiler team should focus on continuing to give RPG a more attractive face (i.e., complete free form, change the name of the language as the pants don't fit anymore, etc.) so we can attract new blood to the language. Or maybe better stated: so we don't scare away new blood once they are presented with RPG:-)

This looks to be a fun blog! I will make sure to add it to my feeds! (for those that don't have one go ahead and sign up for a Google account and you can get a nice list of RSS feeds on your personal home page that displays every time you open your browser - very nice).

Aaron Bartell

subhasish mishra

I feel proud being an i-series developer.

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