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December 18, 2007


Aaron Bartell

It was fun reading this post. While I haven't been writing nearly as long as you, I have a similar mindset. I find that you just end up making sure the article provides value the the readers and don't concern yourself with the time it took to get there.

The other cool thing about writing is seeing your name "in lights". For us programmers we will never make it to the big screen, so seeing your name in a printed trade rag or email newsletter is a very fun rush. And even better is when a company you buy products/services from ask you questions! Can score points with the wife when you mention that her favorite softdrink or beauty products company just emailed asking for assistance with programming :-)

Don't ever give up writing you two. You add a lot to the RPG/i5 landscape and are a big reason it has as strong of a heartbeat as it does.

Aaron "The Furry Java Llama" Bartell

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