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April 02, 2008



I live near General Electric Power Systems (electric power generation equipment), and was pleasantly surprised to see IBM Power Systems right under it in a Google search for 'power systems.'

Having a logo for OS/400 is a neat idea, but searching for the letter 'i' is not going to make it easy to find out information about our beloved CPF. Not that a Google search of 'CPF' was empty, waiting for us to claim the initials, but the Wikipedia entry for CPF has us there as System/38...

Nice writeup!

Jon Paris

Thanks for the comment Buck.

I agree the search engine issue is a problem. But I'm sure Trevor would tell us that if we could get all those old "AS/400" web page references updated then "i" would start to provide some meaningful results ;-)

Adam Glauser

I'm excited about the direction they're taking in general, but I'm not much of a fan of the new name for the OS.

Personally I never liked the whole 'i' thing. It was acceptable (if a bit touchy-feely for my taste) when Apple did it with iPod, iTunes, and friends, but now it's just annoying.

More practically, the Google thing and the "how do I fit this into a sentence without sounding silly" problem could have been avoided. Then again, I thought System i suffered from this to a lesser extent as well, and we got used to that.

Phil G

I like most of the changes - except for WDSC. When I first heard of unbundling so that we would only pay for what we used, I thought great! But with WDSC, the next version is going to be less featured and more expensive. I keep hoping someone is going to show me how wrong I am but unfortunately that hasn't happened. Instead, I've been told a couple times that to do what I do today in WDSC will require RAD + RDi.


how can we search google with "i"

Jon Paris

Phil said "I keep hoping someone is going to show me how wrong I am but unfortunately that hasn't happened. Instead, I've been told a couple times that to do what I do today in WDSC will require RAD + RDi."

I'm not thrilled by the changes either Phil. I understand that they need to develop a revenue stream associated with the individual tool usage but this is a bit heavy-handed and came at a time when adoption levels were rising significantly. As a result it tends to look like a bait and switch operation - which I don't think it is, but I understand that it feels that way to many.

As to showing you that you are wrong - well I don't know how many developers you have and what tier your development machine is on so I can't tell what your costs will be. I did meet with a customer two weeks ago for whom this may well represent a significant saving as they develop on a (I think) tier 30 box but only have 3 or so programmers. In their case they may well save as their software maintenance costs should drop - but that depends on what IBM set as the minimum number of licenses that can be purchased on a given tier. They recently raised the entitlement levels for the V6 products and I don't know what they did with the minimums. The other thing that may change is that they may switch from a charge per named user to a charge per active user. For many that will significantly change the equation.

It will all shake out over time - hopefully before too many people decide they can't afford the new tools and will therefore stick with SEU!

Jon Paris

'how can we search google with "i"'

Abhishek, when asked this question at COMMON IBM responded by suggesting we use IBM i as the search string.

Seems to work pretty well - but something like i/OS would have been better. Darn you Cisco!

R Miller

I think 'me' would have been mo' betta.

Ffx Hentai Cosplay

Now I'll stay tuned ...

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