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May 26, 2009



Just an FYI, System iNEWS had a blurb about the new PDF support back in August.

Scott Sunder, NYC

Nice tip! People also need to know that the system must include licensed program 5761-TS1 *BASE and option 1 (IBM Transform services with AFP to PDF support) for this to work. This program is on disk B29xx_002 of your 6.1 release upgrade media. (Be sure to apply the latest cumulative PTFs and print group PTFs after installing with RSTLICPGM.) If you use the Code or the newer Rational 7.5 WYSIWYG designer to build PRTFs as I do, a simple recompile by running CRTPRTF and changing the parameters given above and recompiling your RPG will quickly make the switchover to .PDF capable output. Neat! Thanks again.

Jon Paris

Thanks for the extra information Scott.

jtaylor - thanks for the reference - I normally read all of News' development articles but that was a short one and I guess I missed it. From other emails etc. we've received it seems many others did too.


For an SCS splf, underline appears to work but bold does not. The data is not bolded in the PDF. (In the splf, bold and underline are done by overprinting, not by an inline bold or underline command.)

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