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April 13, 2010


Aaron Bartell

Where are these new features documented on IBM's site? I searched the announcement page and only found high level summaries (not including the alias stuff which is something I LOVE).

Aaron Bartell

Ron Newman

Hey Jon & Susan, The new stuff for RPG sounds great. Now all we have to do is to get the users to want to install the new 7.1.

Jon Paris

Aaron - simple answer is "I wish I knew". We are still trying to find the details. From Rational's own documents you'd think it was still a secret. As soon as we find out we'll post it.

Jon Paris

Aaron - just got this URL which gives the official announce details. Still don't know about manuals.

Nick Litten

Anyone have the link detailing the Logic Cycle 7.1 Revival... now referred to as "Power i Logic 7" ;)

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