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April 19, 2010


Hans Boldt

Regarding Fast RPG, if the authors of the software don't explicitly state that the product is available under a recognized open source license, it's irresponsible to assume that it is.

Jon Paris

I don't see how what we said can be deemed "irresponsible" Hans - particularly when it was clearly stated that "... it's interesting nevertheless."

As soon as we get a qualification we'll publish it.

Curtis Barron

I notice that under the "Download" tab that the first words are "First Month Free". Sounds like a free trial period, though I didn't see a reference to an actual price anywhere.

Jon Paris

Ok - just to qualify. Fast RPG is NOT open source. For some reason the pricing is only shown in the French version of the site.

Base license price is 6,000 euros (about US$8,000 at today's rate). Annual maint is 1,000 (US$ 1,350).

For this you get the 5250 tool plus the evolving web version.

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