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May 11, 2010


Ron Newman

Jon & Susan,

I think that Jon was the major writer for this post. There are a few lines that smacks a little of an influence from Susan. However I think Jon you did most of the writing. If I am right you can give me my prize in October at the Summit. If I was wrong at least it was fun to try.

Jon Paris

Don't forget Ron - it is the person who correctly identifies the writer of the _most_ blog posts who wins. But we'll give you a point on this one. But I'd love to know which bits you thought were Susan's.

Dan Devoe

I want to state that IMO, Susan wrote around 75% of the articles (or at a minimum, typed them).

I've been at conferences where Jon (tries to) types -- and he spends more time fat-fingering then actually writing... :-)

Aaron Bartell

I think it was neither Jon nor Susan but instead you talked to a monkey that was doing Morse Code which ran through a machine to a punch card and then went through an XSL transformation into a WordPress plugin that transformed it into TypePad (because it could) and subsequently to this blog.

So many things now make sense. I could expire right now and be completely happy.

Jon Paris

Now that's just mean Dan - although I cannot deny that I'm a lousy typist.

However I am much worse when typing and presenting as I'm trying to speak and think and type all at the same time and tend to run out of horsepower.

As to who writes what, it is actually very close to 50/50. Have you never heard of Dragon?

Dan Devoe

Dragon doesn't require the use of a keyboard. Therefore, couldn't it be trained to recognize both you & Susan, allowing you both to "type" the article at the same time. :-)

I'm able to mock you about the typing, because I'm just as bad, if not worse than you... :-)

Jon Paris

"... couldn't it be trained to recognize both you & Susan, ..."

Nah - I have to tell it to use English pronunciation (even though Brits don't understand what I'm saying) before it will recognize me properly and Susan doesn't do a good fake Brit accent - so we're stuck!

Susan Gantner

Aw, Aaron - how did you figure it out! Spoiler!

Susan Gantner

Speaking of RPG OA - Scott Klement wrote about it this week. He took the extra step of submitting a request via the requirements system hosted on COMMON's website - to include RPG OA with the RPG compiler and the OA runtime in IBM i - increasing the prices of those products if necessary to support its development and future enhancement.

I agree 100% with Scott's requirement and have voted for it online. You can, too. You don't have to be a member of COMMON to vote. Lots of people have put in their own similar requirements, but I couldn't have said it better than Scott, so I registered a vote in support of his requirement.

If you agree, register your vote here:

You may have to page down a little to find Scott's specific RPG OA requirement. Thanks for taking action, Scott!

You can read more on Scott's views on RPG OA here:

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