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June 23, 2010



Of course when a generator is involved, it really shouldn't matter what language is generated as you (hopefully) never have to look at the code.

Why wouldn't you have to look at the generated code? No mater how solid the code generation, it can't fix logic errors. Logic errors are usually diagnosed by debugging the code.

Dan Devoe

Do you know off-hand if the RPG-generated code is fixed-format or free-form?

The capability of EGL to generate RPG code (especially free-form) may result in people realizing that this isn't your father's RPG...

Aaron Bartell

I also downloaded the open source EGL version but noticed they didn't have a Mac OSX version. Note that the plugin approach (vs. the whole Eclipse package) might work because I didn't see any .exe's involved, but I also haven't tried to paste it into my existing Eclipse because I don't want to ruin my current work environment :-)

It was right for IBM to open source EGL because competition in that space is the most of ANYWHERE in the software programming language and framework industry (competing with Sun, Oracle, Apache, Spring, open source, etc).

Will be interesting to see if it takes off. I do intend to try it now. I am also hoping some of their UI designer tools made it into the Eclipse donation as those could be used for many other purposes.

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