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August 24, 2010



Sadly, the web tools for Eclipse are not all that great. The debugger (PHP and, I think, Javascript) aren't that bad though. I struggled to get the PHP debugger working in a stand alone version of Eclipse (not RDI).

WDSC 7 included a marginal WYSIWYG web editor, but that was dropped.

Aaron Bartell

You know what would be cool is a feature similar to what Ubuntu has where you can search for new software topically (i.e "HTML editor") and have the various options presented back to you and at that point you would select one for installation. I love that feature of Ubuntu, and it always worked flawlessly - or at least much simpler than Eclipses' new software plugin installs.

Hans Boldt

Sometimes I wonder if these modern productivity tools are any better than the command line prompts we had in the old days. When I was using VS, I found myself battling the tools more often than not. It seems things aren't much better in the Eclipse world.

Aaron Bartell

@Hans It is like most any tool - it creates efficiencies in some areas, and makes you less efficient than command line in others.

That's one thing that drives me nuts about Eclipse is that it is very mouse centric. I always have to go in and modify shortcut key mappings to make it so I can more easily navigate the tool without going to the mouse.

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