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June 28, 2011


Aaron Bartell

I couldn't agree more in wishing Oracle the best in coming up with the next generation integrated stack. Oracle has the tenacity to make it happen. IT shops around the world are thirsty for a full integrated stack from a major vendor at reasonable cost (i.e. reasonable at various levels/offerings from hobby developer to 1000+ employee company). If I had to put a thumb to it I would say Google, Amazon and Oracle have a solid chance at creating some interesting integrated stacks in the future. We shall see how this all plays out. Of course the players will change in the next few years because it is ANYBODY's opportunity right now.

IBM has many within it's walls that would love to play in this space - true believers and knowers of what IBMi could do if only allowed. The sad reality is that IBM can't move as fast as it needs to because of its existing infrastructure. They are making progress on the technological front with things like "Technology Refreshes", but that only fixes one part of the buggy - the other being company politics and funding of good ideas.

Eric DeLong

More importantly, Oracle may be able to re-acquaint the business world with real TCO analysis. Initial purchase/licensing costs seems to be as far as most business leaders get in a TCO evaluation... Here's to a future with smarter analysis from smarter business leaders! Cheers!

Pete Helgren

Anything that will promote an "apples to apples" comparison of solutions will be a plus. If Oracle brings the true TCO conversation into the light, then IBM i will shine. Better yet, Oracle doesn't have the reputation of being the low cost leader on any front, so chances are that in a side by side comparison of Oracle's solution to IBM i the i with have it.

I wish them well. They have a lot of catching up to do.

Nathan Andelin

Not that competition between Oracle and IBM i should be taken lightly but there is an image of six technology company organizational charts floating around on the Internet. They're all humorous, but the one for Oracle gave me a real chuckle.


Jim Mason

Do not expect the integrated stack from IBM. IBM got out of the applications business over 20 years ago. That was an intentional business strategy.

Jon Paris

@Jim "IBM got out of the applications business over 20 years ago. That was an intentional business strategy."

True Jim - but IBM will go where the money is and who is to say they won't get back into it? It wouldn't be the first time they have changed direction.

Isn't the cloud just the service bureau reinvented for the 2,000s?

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