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November 02, 2011



I know this is a late comment but I am confused by the statement that you're not sure why they called it Zend DBi. Oracle has been sue crazy since buying Sun. Go read up on how Oracle treated the Libre Office team's request to try and bring the Libre Office and Open Office back together. I cannot see any situation where Larry Ellison would let Zend call the project MySQL. There is no way. Zend probably asked and was turned down or realized the futility in even bothering. Oracle owns the MySQL name now, like it or not. They'll sue anyone they have to in order to protect it.

Bob Cancilla


Zend is renaming it as MySQL is licensed like open source but is actually a proprietary product of Oracle who bought Sun Microsystems, Inc. Interestingly enough Java, MySQL and several other products that were treated by Sun as open source were not! Licenses to use and distribute were granted by Sun (now Oracle), but Java and MySQL were never open source.

Zend had to rename their distribution under the terms of Oracle's license.

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