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January 11, 2012


Aaron Bartell

One trend I would like to add is hosting traditionally local things in the cloud. I know many people have issues with this because of the various risks, but to one who can mitigate risk and yet embrace the cloud, well, they shall win out in the end because of cost savings.

I full heartedly agree on the mobile front. That space will continue to grow exponentially in the future on a variety of fronts.

For example, last night I learned that one of my kids wasn't doing so hot with telling time on non-digital clocks. Despite my best efforts to teach him myself he still was hit or miss. So I headed over to the the Apple App store on my iPad and started searching for "learn how to tell time" type apps. I found one in about 30 seconds and about 1 minute later it was installed. I handed it to my son who was able to learn their approach to navigation with ease, but the coolest part was that he couldn't put it down for over 2hrs and by the time we made him turn it off for supper he was an ace at telling time. Turns out that this particular learning app gave you a virtual fish to put in your fish tank each time you provided the correct answer three times in a row. My son couldn't put it down! Brilliant. I wouldn't be surprised to find tablets extensively used in K-12 education in the near future.

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