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January 31, 2012


Jon Paris

The link for the official announcement is now live - like most IBM links it is way too long to post here so here's a Tiny URL that will take you there. Don't be put off by the fact that it looks intially like they are canceling the product - that is just a function of the way IBM do things. Look to the details for the important bits.

Rolf Schulze-Seeger

Hi Susan, Hi Jon,

i would like to have a RPG OA Presentation for our advanced students in our ILE RPG IV-Seminars.

Thank you very much. I am looking forward to this day.

Rolf Schulze-Seeger, Germany

Nathan Andelin

Jon & Susan,

ROA is a really cool interface and I'm pleased with IBM's announcement.

RPG programmers generally snub commercial API vendors. The RPG community is a hard group to support. I bet that even IBM becomes frustrated with the community's lack of response. I think ROA has potential to overcome some of the established barriers.

I'm sad however that ROA was not made available years ago. I would have jumped at the chance to write generic ROA handlers. We've since changed our focus to developing applications for end users rather than tools for developers.

For you who may have figured out how to earn a living by supporting RPG developers, I wish you the best. I'm definitely interested in seeing native interfaces prevail over tools and services that migrate IBM i applications to other platforms.

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