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February 21, 2012


Paul Clapham

If you liked Freakonomics et al then you might like "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman. Everything you thought you knew about decision-making is not quite right.

Evelyn Hoover

I can't comment on the techie stuff, because apart from reading your blog and some of Aaron's stuff, I don't venture into the techie realm. But, love Lee Child (or maybe it's Jack Reacher that I love?). Also highly recommend the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. I think you'd love it, Jon. Not sure if Susan would like it, but maybe.


I second Evelyn's Dresden suggestion ... its a great series. It combines hard boiled detective with horror.


Everyone should be a huge fan of Terry Pratchett. I started reading the Nomes trilogy to my son just before Christmas, and now we're reading all three books for the third time

Barbara Morris

Michael Feathers "Working Effectively with Legacy Code". He considers code to be "legacy" if it doesn't have testcases that enable it to be modified without fear. I know that this negative view goes against the "value" aspect of "legacy", but other than the possible misuse of the word "legacy", I think it's a great book full of very sound advice.

For fiction, I recommend William Kent Krueger.

Jon Paris

@ExpatPaul I agree about Nomes - after we finished reading them my two youngest wanted more. I finished up making up entire stories based on the characters and wove them into local places they knew. When they get a bit older the "Johnny" series are really great. Also the Tiffany Aching series are excellent - but I'm biased about those because they are all set "on the chalk" which is where I grew up and those hills "speak" to me now just as they do in the novels.

Jon Paris

@Barbara Thanks for the "Legacy" reference - I will certainly try to get my hands on a copy.

I confess I have never heard of Krueger (other than Freddie!) - will have to see if I can get an ebook from my local library.


I'm a huge podcasting fan (reading is so 2000) and I love Freakonomics so I think you might like WNYC's Radio Lab and This American Life. For the techies - and to qualify this, I'm an Aussie RPG coder of 22yrs - I took a shot from left field with the Java Posse, a UK podcast, and find the insight into development techniques and strategies outside of the RPG world to be extremely refreshing and useful. For the Science geeks, the ABC Science Show (that's the Australian Broadcasting Corp) is world class as is the Skeptics Guide to the Universe and Astronomy Cast. This is where I start to run out of time listening... I never thought I'd find the 2x speed audio switch on the iPod of such benefit...

Ok, I lied, I do read some books; plus the odd blog (no pun). My non-virtual shelf at work contains mostly IT classics: Software Writing by Joel Spolsky, The Pragmatic Programmer (Hunt and Thomas), the Cathedral & the Bazaar, and the Mythical Man-Month. Recent fiction of note is the outstanding Ready Player One, literary crack for the inner geek in us all.

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