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April 25, 2012


Hans Boldt

That's an interesting project for sure. However, one can always load up Linux on any old PC they have lying around the house. I'm sure we all have one or two old PC's gathering dust!

BUT: Is I.T. a good career choice for young people these days? I'm not so sure. First, the technology moves so fast, our skills get out of date too quickly to keep up. Second, companies can always outsource to India much cheaper.

Cheers! Hans

Chris Hird

I have had one one order since its announced distributors for Canada were defined. Unfortunately they are waiting for RS who became embroiled in the certifications required for the units due to the emissions. I was top of the list and I have heard nothing so it could be a long wait.


Chris Hird


IT is a good career! The fact that you have to keep ahead and learn new things all he time is what keeps it exciting. Those who do not bother and get left behind ARE in the wrong line of business?

BUT don't believe you have to learn every new buzz technology that gets raved about, many just come and go faster than you can read the manuals!

Programming in C has been a good base for me, it does not change too much and the newer languages all take something from it :-).

I also have no fear about out-sourcing, eventually the playing fields going to even out. We just need to keep ahead of the game which comes back to the original point.



Server or client Linux dsitros? I don't believe it's going to be easy either way, but it may affect the answer. Recently parts of Gnome have added dependencies on Mono (e.g. Gnome's yelp requires libbeagle). Gnome is probably the issue you're running into b/c it's pulling in Mono. You could try using a different window manager (e.g. FluxBox) but that's a very different user experience. I believe Suse, Fedora, and Ubuntu all lay down Mono or parts thereof by default. Debian is probably the only distro that does not.On a headless server it's easier to avoid this, but that's different from a client distro. Even on a server distro, I think Gnome will pull in Mono by default.Once Mono and Gnome are in, you will have a fun time recompiling Gnome to pull out the Mono dependencies. I'm going to guess Gentoo is the easiest distro for doing this. Debian may have excluded Mono from the default install, but I've never checked.

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