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July 10, 2012


Dave B

I feel that your being a crotchety old man is a separate issue Jon.

Dan Devoe

Its refreshing to see my name in print for a potential solution to a problem, rather than asking for help myself. :-)

We used to use the commercial offering that HESK is sponsored by - SysAid by Ilient, and it worked quite well - but it was overkill for us. The server that hosted that (as well as other applications) crashed a year or so back.

Trying to repair, or implement another help desk system just wasn't a priority. We wanted a simpler system, and more importantly, one that could run on our i.

We have installed HESK & are playing around with it, and while it hasn't been rolled out to our user community yet, we do feel that it has a great deal of potential, and may fit the bill nicely.

And to set the record straight - I actually contacted Jon for help in deploying HESK on our Zend Server - and sent him a copy of the HESK package to see if he could get it to install. So I'd like to thank Jon for his HELP - not just for assisting me with installing HESK on our ZendServer, but for all he does for the i community.

As far as the automated washroom - that's the result you get when you rely on everyday applications not run on an i. :-)

Don Kennedy

Jon, I've also been very frustrated by the very same things, particularly the toilet flush issue! But then I'm probably older than you so that may be a factor.


I am fascinated by the irony in this entry.

On one hand, you are promoting automation of one thing and decrying another :-)

Funny how the world turns..

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