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March 13, 2013


Jean Mikhaleff

In fact, when companies go from RPGIII to RPGIV they use the IBM command CVTRPGSRC to convert the RPGIII programs. They don’t want to have a code too far from what they have (RPGIII converted) because they have those programs to maintain on long term. So, they recognize that RPGIV rubs the defaults of RPGIII and brings a lot of new useful instructions when they need them.
Even with RPGIII converted into RPGIV, they have one program running for all the users (and not a version of a program per user like Windows). When a user open a session, he opens a dynamically a real virtual computer. If you look about it, only Google is able to do that in a browser with Google Aps. IBMi is multi-tenant database included, multi-users for more than twenty years, which is the only one condition of native cloud-computing. As you know, only the presentation layer doesn’t fit the needs of Web applications.
I have a question for you Jon. My aunt is 65 years old. She was a secretary. She is able to publish recipes on the web. She knows nothing about HTML5 or CSS3. She is only using a Web designer. My aunt is working at a very high level because she loves to share with others the cooking knowledge her mother and grandmother has been learnt to her. She is able to publish videos too.
The main problem, as you say, is to attract new RPG developers and to make business applications to be proud of.
We have heard so much about Handlers and an xml interface for the presentation layer instead of DSPFs. I wonder whether it would be technically possible to upgrade the life cycle of the IBMi with a proper designer.
As you say, many IBMi programmers aren’t just programmers but they are working a lot of time with users to implement the results of their analysis in RPG. I think that with tools like a designer for the Web (and .pdf) we would have a platform for business applications natively Cloud-computing and natively HTML5/CSS3, to please new and old RPG developers. Maybe, old and young developers would love working at a high level with sales and marketing management to make the web cloud-computing applications they need (mobile applications included).
So, I’d love to have your opinion about this opportunity Jon.

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