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April 25, 2013


Murray Crofskey

Still irks that Zend studio is $150 - $300, Visual Studio (as part of MSDN) is $800 and RDi is $5,000

I can do pretty much do anything with RPG, except use a modern IDE to develop in.

Jon Paris

@Murray I don't fully understand your comment but ...

Of course IBM don't control the price of Zend Studio - but at least they pay Zend so that you get it free for 12 months. Zend do however contribute to the PDT project which is free. In fact Studio is based on PDT. There is also a PHP version of Net Beans which is also free and works well with IBM i.

You are waaaayyyyyy off in your pricing for RDi - the per seat price is about $900. No idea where you get $5,000 - I don't think even the full version of Rational Developer costs that much.


Is it possible to purchase a seat license for RDi without owning a Power System running IBM i?

Terry Hertel

To avoid any confusion with the previous product, maybe we should call it RDIi (Rational Developer for IBM I).

Jon Paris

@Steve Yes indeed. The license is for the PC. The server components are delivered with the OS.

We use our copies of RDi with many systems each year. I suspect that floating licenses are tied to the server - but not the normal ones.

Jon Paris


Tempting @Terry - but I think sticking with RDi is probably a safer bet.

Luis Rodriguez


Regarding the idea of going back to the old AS/400 name, the guys at ITJungle published this piece a few years ago:


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