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May 08, 2013


Kevin Nunn

Currently V5R3 at work, I have a box at home that is at V4R4 I think, before that I had a box running V3R7. I am stuck in the stone ages.

Dan Devoe

We still have a machine that is at v5r2. Been trying to retire it for quite some time (it is presently only running our EDI), and have next Wednesday as the target to put it in a restricted state to perform its final backup, and then power it down.

We couldn't migrate beyond V5R2 on that machine because we needed larger load source drives to get to V5R3, and that's the highest it would go.

We had our other machine (which is on 7.1) serviced last week, and I was discussing some of the older boxes with him.

He still has some customers on the white boxes - hence there are some r3r2 or earlier boxes still running around here...

Dan Devoe

sorry... "him" is the IBM tech who serviced our machine.

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