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May 13, 2013


Jean Mikhaleff

You say: "Today’s RPG logic is written in free format" Why not an IBM command, a kind of CVTRPGSRC able to convert at different levels? RPGIII into RPGIV and/or free form?
I think that clients have millions lines of code to maintain on long term.
When you say: "Simply set the key values for the currencies involved and issue a CHAIN operation." This is great!!! a real improvement regarding existing RPG applications.

Christopher Burns, Sr.

...and RPG on IBM i automatically connects to the *LOCAL database. Wouldn't that be nice to have on other platforms ?

Jean Mikhaleff


SKip Meyn

RPG = Robust Programming Guidelines, you can do anything you want.

John Clayton

RPG is actually over 50 years old, it started back in the late 50's - early 60's for the IBM Mainframes (1401's I think) and then on through the sys360's, etc, and then became RPGII for the system 3's in the late 60's

roger pence

A great walk down memory lane and a superb reminder how far RPG has come since our early Shelly-Cashman introductions to the language. History will one day record that the Open Access API is second only to the RISC processor upgrades as the most important IBM has done for the IBM i platform.

Does anyone remember Carson Soule's Revenge of the Indicators COMMON presentation like I do? Holy cow. He predated real structure but introduced so much so quickly.

Great post. rp

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