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June 26, 2013


Edmund Reinhardt

Thank you very much for the preview.
I appreciate your support in educating everyone about the product.

Here are some points that you may or may not have been aware of, in response to some of the things I read.

It is not just your imagination, the performance of the dynamic outline should be faster. I have put in an enhancement so that the cached information about an IBM i file is reusable, by any other RPG construct that references the same name. It is also cached across members. In previous releases, the information was tied to the specific F or D spec that referenced the file, and if that spec was changed or move, dynamic outline would need to be refreshed to re-extract the file information from the host.
The other thing that should really help the performance is the reduced memory footprint of the outline view.
You are right that a lot of effort was spent on improving the accuracy of the outline view which now handles a lot more RPG. Along the way I did put in some features that people should find helpful.
The ability to now use the back/forward toolbar arrows (Alt-Left, Alt-Right) to move WITHIN the member and not just between them is a beauty. So when you hyperlink to a definition, you just use Alt-Left to go back. Or you can quickly arrow back and forth between all the places you have changed in the current member.
Also the hover for procedure calls, now shows all of the parameters and their types to help you code them.

I tried hitting F1 on an opcode in fixed form and free form RPG with a shell share of Data Studio and it worked fine. Feel free to open a PMR as it must be something unique with your setup.

It is true that Worklight server is not yet supported on IBM i. But it is still possible to target IBM i applications with Worklight and have the server run on a web server on a different box.

Thanks again for being such a positive force in the community.

Art Blose

Since your article on Data Studio last week, I downloaded it and started playing. I found that a few optional driver properties let you set up a library list and point to an iASP, if you need one. Although different (especially in the stored procedure implementation) from iNav, most everything works better than the opsNav sql script runner implementation. From what I can see, it can be a useful replacement for opsNav, script navigator and green-screen iSQL, though the learning curve will be higher for those not yet using eclipse-RDI/P.
Thanks again for the great articles.


Dr Dobbs web site has an article about RDi v9 too

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