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September 11, 2013



I have been discussing with someone about linking AS400 programs with Oracle's ESB. I didn't think about using RPG-OA until I read this article about Dan's use of it. I guess OPEN will connect to the ESB and EXFMT will perform the request/response cycle? I'll know for sure when I see your code! I subscribed to the newsletter and downloaded the iPad app. Thanks!

Scott Klement

I would use a UDTF to encapsulate list APIs. This gives you more functionality (the ability to sort, filter, etc) using things like ORDER BY and WHERE clauses.

UDTF's disadvantage is that you can't write data to a UDTF -- which wouldn't be a problem with list APIs.

Open Access has it's uses, too... but is much more complicated to write, and provides less functionality than a UDTF with regard to list APIs. Plus, OA is ony available for RPG, whereas a UDTF can be called from anything that can use SQL.

Of course, if you need to be able to write to it, etc, then OA might be a better choice.

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