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November 07, 2013



My vote, when asked, is usually to learn SQL if you don't know it already. As you know, I am a fossil, but learning SQL had an immediate effect in more knowledge to apply with RPGLE and also is portable it seems. Learning the language of SQL also makes you more understandable to the web and .net people of the world as Mike Cain in his sessions also says.

Jon Paris

No disagreement Dave - SQL is a vital skill these days.

The reason we didn't include it in our list this time was mainly because while useful it doesn't do anything to help improve your RPG coding style - other than than to get rid of SETLL/READE loops that is. An unwritten part of that blog post was that many people tell us they don't bother learning new stuff because they won't be "allowed" to use it. SO we were aiming at that group.

The nice thing about learning another language is that even if you never use it it will tend to influence your RPG and that is true whether you learn PHP, Java, Javascript or Ruby.

SQL syntax on the other hand just teaches you that the originators were smoking something when they came up with it!

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