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December 10, 2013


Doug Englander


EXCELLENT article!!! Thank you!!! I was not aware of the grim statistics that there will be 1 million more IT jobs available without qualified people to fill them.

I am surprised about there being less than 10% of K-12 schools offering any kind of IT classes teaching the basics. I started dabbling in computers in 7th grade in New Jersey learning BASIC in the “Computer Club” at my school. It was interesting, so I continued to pursue that interest by continuing in the after school club. Then when Computer Science I was offered in 10th grade, I signed up, and learned more BASIC. I took Computer Science II the following year and learned FORTRAN and a little DOS. I learned BASIC, FORTRAN, and DOS on a DEC PDP-11/35 minicomputer. I landed a part time after school job as an operator on a card based IBM 1130 Computer System. There, I learned about the hardware, printer, card reader, and disk. If I wanted to, I was allowed to use the computer after my job was done, to learn. I even had my own 2MB disk cartridge. WOW!! That job is where I branched out from Fortran and began to teach myself RPGII, and the rest, they say, is history.

And yes, Steve Jobs is correct when he said that programming a computer DOES teach you how to think.

Great article!!

Thanks again!

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