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April 01, 2014


Satid S.

I agree especially with your statement that SAP runs better on IBM i than on competitive platforms and is easier and cheaper to install and maintain. I created this presentation to provide a sample case study on how easy it is to tune the overall SAP performance (actually it is any SQL-based workload) in DB2 for i:

This sample SAP workload runs in only one LPAR with 32-core POWER7 CPUs supporting around 4,000 users with all ECC6 ERP functional modules implemented. IBM i delivers the value of what I called "simplified server infrastructure deployment" for large SQL workload. And this sample case is not the only case of its kind. :-)

Jean Mikhaleff

Hi Jon,
The problem of IBM i is not whether SAP runs better on it. On the 21th century, the problem is the industrialization of the software. The best way to advertise IBM I would be to say that the smallest company ever, two salaries or so, which have only browsers and printing, is able to manage its business on a real mainframe online like IBM i. With SaaS it is possible as the client pays for a service. Don't advertise about IBM i and SAP but IBM i and SaaS, so that IBM will recover the first place. IBM i is a mainframe potentially cloudy. That’s the way to go.

Paul Fenstermacher

I agree with everything you say but in my experience the people that sign the checks are not concerned with TCO, rather they want to know TCA, how much do I have to pay now. Right or wrong that's what most of them look at and unfortunately IBM i loses that match up frequently.

Rick Flagler

I am always willing to believe these April 1st writings then I recall what day it is and the reality of the IBM branding. Still hope to see a prime time ad in my lifetime but no longer holding my breath. Agreed we can and should always do as much as possible to spread the word and promote the inherent elegance that is IBM i.

Please keep up your good work and thank you for all you both do!

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