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April 15, 2014


Account Deleted

I joined LinkedIn several years ago when it looked like there was a significant possibility that I might shortly be choosing to leave my current job. As it happened, there was a major shift in the direction that some things were going, so I remained at the job and it looks like I will stay there until I retire (probably in a little over nine years).

I joined a number of LI groups, but I don't like web-based discussions so I didn't really participate. (I much prefer email/newsgroup-based discussions like

Because of increasing crap resulting from group memberships, a few months ago I dropped out of all LI groups.

So if I had known back then what I know now, I wouldn't have bothered to join LinkedIn. (Note: I didn't receive any pre-joining invitations like you did.)

So unless I receive an email notification of a connection invitation that I wanted to check out sooner, I log on to LI once a week on Sunday to see what new connections my connections have and see if I want to issue a connection invitations to any of those people myself. That's it.

Note: The LI endorsements system is a joke. For example, one of my RPG endorsements is from a person who has no connection with RPG or IBM i systems and probably thought he was endorsing me for Role-Playing Games (or possibly Rocket-Propelled Grenades), even though I'm not involved with either of those (and he wouldn't know if I were).


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