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July 15, 2014


Larry Bolhuis

Back before Susan revoked my RPG card I had to write a program to process XML to do some LPAR operations. I used prototypes and all was free form. The customer told me to re-write without them. I lied and said it could not be done. They are not surprisingly no longer an IBM i shop.

Now about that tire, it was only flat on the bottom right? You needed to turn it over faster!

Bob L

"They probably rue the passing of the tabulator and the punched card too."

Don't belittle the punched card. It's legacy lives on: after all, that is why you still have to remind those "young young" programmers "that the code must start on or after column 8 and end at column 80"!!

(And, yes, I have a few punched cards lying about at home somewhere....)

But I am very much looking forward to using completely free-form RPG, now that we have upgraded to IBM i soon as corporate approves the purchase of RDi. (Still using WDSc, unfortunately....)

Terry Hertel

I never worked with punch cards per se but we had an old Burroughs system for billing that used them. I found the cards to be very useful for documenting the contents of 8" diskettes - we wrote the contents on the card and put them in the diskette jackets. So much easier than those sticky diskette labels!

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