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September 02, 2014



along with the Alt+R, ALt+L I use Alt+F7 and Alt+F8 to shift left/right

Ctrl+Del - delete the rest of the line to the right

Ctrl + L goto line#

with Ctrl+Shift+O Ctrl+F5 to remove nesting

Barry Colson

Jon & Susan: I have looked all over the page you mention in the blog for the e-mail link to request the tips card. Where is it? I'd like a card.

Jon Paris

@Barry - It may be time to update your browser! The link is in the text "... If you would like hard copies for your team, email us us your name, ..." - the word "email" is a hyper link to mailto:[email protected] (actually it is a Javascript link but the effect is the same.

SO just send your email to: [email protected] and all will be well.



This is the URL to download page:

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