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Alan Seiden

Thanks to Alison for starting this blog. I'm looking forward to improving my "iSight."

Michel Mouchon

Hi Alison, happy to support you, iSight and the power world.

Holger Scherer

Keep on iGoing :-) Most interesting topic - stories on individual software which does more than a standard package.


It's good to know that the small i looks so huge these days.

Tom Duncan

Alison, I think this blog is long overdo. I think this area has been overlooked and you are just the person to present it. Remember, no fear, the i community is quite tolerant and kind to bloggers. Just ignore those flames coming out of your workstation. 8-D


Alison, Congrats on starting your blog. The IBM i community will welcome your stories and hopefully others will get excited and decide to move to IBM i.

Jon Paris

Welcome to the "club" Alison - looking forward to seeing what you have to say.

Von Enselman

Welcome! So happy to have another venue to learn from you!

M Mayer

Just outstanding! Keep the content coming.

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