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Jean Mikhaleff

Hi Alison,
I came from the S/34, S/36 and then S/38, AS/400 and now IBM i. Of course I am very happy to celebrate twenty-five years of IBM i. Customers have mainly S/36 converted into S/38 or pure S/38 AS/400 applications. RPGIII was generally converted into RPGIV with the IBM command CVTRPGSRC so customers are able to use new instructions and open new doors. Which is interesting is the value of what customers already have.
If you think about it, now Google Apps is leading the way and Microsoft is following Google with Office 365. Those new applications are fully integrated in proprietary computers behind the Web. For example, with Google Apps, you pay 40 euros (I am French) per year, per user and you get Office+Calendar+email + 25Go. No security problems, no management problems: you connect with a UserProfile+Password and use it, that’s all. You automatically have the last version each time you connect. All the security and management problems belong to the last century.
Very few developers in the world are able to develop multi-tenant multi-users applications data base include. Among the systems available to do that, you have Google Engine and IBM I for persistent business application. One day, someone have to tell us that our RPGIV applications are the best of the best of the 21 century. Like Google, the users just have to connect to get a virtual computer online. For more than 25 years we develop applications online, one version of applications, the last one, is shared by all the users dynamically connected. The value of what we already have is potentially fantastic.
Maybe, Alison, IBM needs to blend more: the presentation layer too in order to continue the AS/400 saga for the next 25 years to come for persistent business applications on the Cloud. Thanks you again for this incredible and unexpected celebration.

James Chia

If you are under 40 years old, you probably have no idea what S/36 and S/38 are. If you are under 30 years old, you probably have no idea what AS/400 is. With so many name changes since AS/400 was renamed, few people know what to call it now. A customer executive asked IBM at a customer event last year: there are iPod, iPad, iPhone, are you selling iPower?

Happy 25th Anniversary AS/400! No matter what's your name, i LOVE YOU.


I am still dreaming of a day that would work on AS/400 again. I had so much fun working on that system. So robust and durable. I love those IBM ads trying to prove that the AS/400 or iSeries can take the "licking" and keep on ticking! I wish PC would last as long as the AS/400 did.

Viva la 400!



oh boy! i started working AS/400 in early 88 after a 38 and previously on a 34 .. what to say! almost my whole profesional life i spent on AS/400 .. i still live of it!

Fernando Puntel

All these years working thanks to this machine. Thanks AS/400 iSeries i5 System i

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