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November 24, 2010


How can I agree with this? Here I am close to retirement hoping that after I retire the helicopter will one day land in my remote Montana yard begging me to come back at some astromnomical hourly rate to write or fix some RPG code that the JAVA generation has not even a concept. Besides that files, fields and libraries have been around far longer than rows, columns, tables and schemas. And I am still programming in RPG - not flipping burgers. Regards, RPG4HIRE

Companies don't want to depend on applications that depend on the people that wrote them. When this happens companies start to migrate to other applications/platforms, or even worst, they hire Java programmers and start developing applications in Java that should have been written in RPG.

Our approach was to hire Java programmers and teach them modern ILERPG. They are the guys in charge of new development and refactoring of our legacy applications (web enablement, SOA readiness, etc), while our senior RPG programmers are taking care of legacy maintenance, requirements, coaching, management and/or architecture.

We are not replacing our current RPG workforce, we are just ensuring the sustainability of our applications and our business model.



I like this article. Good content, concise, and practical.
Way to go Jorge.
Martha Gil

Excellent article Jorge, with good practical advice.

I'm very interested to learn Java. I like your article

Interesting to hear that there are Java programmers who want to learn RPG. I'm really surprised about that. I'd like to get in touch with any Java programmers who are wishing to learn RPG or are learning RPG, because I would like to understand their motivation for doing it.

Would any Java programmers learning RPG raise their hand?


I would have to imagine it has nothing to do with Java programmers wanting/looking to learn RPG (because they probably don't know it exists) but rather a case where their employer NEEDS them to learn RPG. Then when they get into the language they realize there are some REALLY nice features (i.e. integrated DB). Of course they will also find our lackings, but many of those can be overcome.

Just my $.02,

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