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July 11, 2012


Kudos to you and your teams! What a wonderfully successful idea. The big reveal must have been fabulous. I wonder if you can post screen shots of the project and some highlights into its functionality? It sounds like you created quite a robust application. Again - congrats on this success!

Jeb. The big reveal was a lot of fun. We had a great turn out and a lot of excitement for the activity. Everyone enjoyed seeing the completed projects and participants appreciated the feedback. Mike, Alan, Kevin and Mark made the activity fun with panel critiques of the finished applications. I'm not sure that I can post screen shots but will ask if it is possible to do so. The project was an application used to track parts sent for outside plating. The plating requirements were generated and formatted using backend RPG programs. Email notification was used to make outside plating vendors aware that parts were on the way - sort of like an ASN. The emails included excel and/or PDF file attachments. The application included admin functions used to set up users and provide security access based upon what type of a user. The application also included functionality to allow internal users to update records before being sent to vendors and also included history of modifications.

Wheels are already turning to plan the next hands on activity. We have plans for a Web Query project this fall and also hope to have another PHP project this year. This activity will include SEMIUG members and also will include members from some other user groups.

We look forward to more hands on activities working with live projects. It is a great learning experience for participants and also has resulted in a member organization now using PHP and enthusiasm within our local user group.

The activity wasn't intended as a competition but did seem to enthuse participants to dig in, learn and do a great job. The organization had a hard time choosing as all of the applications met the requirements. Up front specifications was key to this happening. Ironically the application chosen was based upon appearance. The final decision after end user and management review was based upon the professional look of the chosen application. Ironically the look was achieved using an HTML template. At the end of it all the participants enjoyed the activity and learned some great new skills.

It is ever so important for IBM i colleagues to learn new skills. The hands on activity has proved to be a great way to do so and we look forward to including other groups and hopefully many more hands on LUG activities in the future. Including other groups should help to accomplish the goals by providing additional resource to organize and manage the activities.

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