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October 22, 2012


Recently, me and my 3 RPG-AS/400 developers have been recently reorganized within our PC Web Development group who number 26. The PC Web manager met with me to discuss transitioning our skills away from RPG to their standard of .Net in order to move off the AS/400. Over the past 15 years I have been trying to argue for the modernization of our apps on our AS/400 with my previous boss who recently retired. Now I am stuck and totally exposed because of the this lack of action. No matter what benefits I argue about our system and the advantages it has over Windows, they do not find it believable and a developer should only worry about developing and not worry about the platform. On top of that, the PC manager argues we are a risk because there are hardly any RPG-AS/400 developers in the market place versus .Net in the event we leave service. It's hard to argue the last point because when you do a job search for AS/400 opportunities you find very little. The only alternative is to find someone willing to learn like I did when I left college.

In the end, I am not sure how I can change this course other than hope the transition itself it too time consuming and costly.

Learn .Net like the back of your hand Joe. Make a note on how it compares to RPG/DB2. That way if you ever have to make a decision on what to use for your IT Dept, you’ll know all the pros and cons.
You confirm my point. The single biggest road block to doing more with the ILE is simply the lack of willingness to do more with the ILE, and your case is a perfect example of that.
As far as finding more RPGLE develpers, that door swings both ways. A .Net developer shouldn’t have much trouble transitioning to an RPGLE shop. Especially if the developers there practice /free style RPG, procedures, service programs etc.. Good Post.

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