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May 11, 2009

What Do You Buzz About?

By Evelyn Hoover

I’ve made a few forays into the blogging arena in the past by hijacking the iDevelop blog space from Jon Paris and Susan Gantner. While they graciously allowed me to do so, I knew it was time for something a little more structured and frequent. When a bunch of the editors and our publisher expressed an interest, we decided it was time to launch The Buzz.

I plan to blog about the kinds of things I read about—the intersection of technology and humanity. As an English major in college, I spent time in classes like British literature, American literature and other less concrete subjects. My career as executive editor of IBM Systems Magazine has taken me down the technology path for the past 10 years. It’s when these two subjects intersect that I typically find myself looking for an outlet to voice my opinions. For instance, the University of Virginia is using a supercomputer to model ancient buildings, artwork, etc. This is cool stuff, IMHO. I will also write about general technology topics that I find particularly interesting or noteworthy.

What about you, what do you want The Buzz writers to blog about? Feel free to post a comment and let us know.


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Evelyn:What about you, what do you want The Buzz writers to blog about?

I like it when blogs have a mixture of both long and short posts. In particular I like it when the short ones comment on industry happenings that happened in the past few hours/days vs. waiting weeks/months for it to show up in paper form.

Don't forget that pointed opinions are always fun to read as you venture into the world of blogging :-)

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