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May 18, 2010

Survey Says ... COMMON Europe Looking for Top IT Concerns

By Evelyn Hoover

I'm a bit of survey junky. For some reason the thought of expressing my thoughts about products, services, politics, etc., appeals to me. My husband just shakes his head when he hears me on the phone answering questions about an upcoming election or explaining what I watched on TV last night.

I feel that my comments, when added to the others who respond, might help shape the future of whatever I am giving feedback on. What about you? Are you inclined to participate in surveys?

COMMON Europe is hoping that there are people like me out there who are willing to respond to its fifth-annual Top Concerns survey. The 2010 survey,like last year's survey, relates to security, application development and infrastructure issues. An open space is also provided to explain your top concern. Some questions are IBM i specific but many are general IT questions and are applicable to AIX users as well.

And it's not just a survey of COMMON Europe's membership. The goal of this global, multilingual survey is to poll users in Europe, Americas, Australasia and Africa. Respondents will be entered into a drawing for one of seven iPods to be given away.

To learn about the results of 2009 survey and previous years, multilingual documents are available at the COMMON Europe website. The following is a summary of the top three IT concerns by region from 2009:

1. Satisfy internal customers
2. IT security and continuity
3. Data security a business risk

1. Satisfy internal customers
2. High quality vendor support
3. Keep skills current

1. High quality vendor support
2. Data security a business risk
3. Satisfy internal customers

So, if you want to have your voice heard and help shape the direction of COMMON conferences to come, this is your chance. You can take the survey here.


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