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Jul 13, 2010

What's Access Worth to You?

By Tami Deedrick

Aaron Bartell wrote "Test Drive IBM i For Free" for the IBM i EXTRA enewsletter. In the article, he shares about the IBM Virtual Loaner Program where you can access the latest operating system and asks what it's worth to you. 

Read the article and then share your thoughts below. Would you pay for such a service? How much?

Now discuss...


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As a consultant access to a dedicated machine would be invaluable to me in regards to learning to development approaches and learning more about IBM security settings. I believe that a monthly fee around $50 would be very appropiate, with the rate extending updward depending on your storage and system processing needs.


Thank you very much for the valuable information. And I need some more information on that.

For registering in VLP, I should be a member of IBM Partner World.
I am a employee working in a IT company. How can I join in IBM Partner World.
Help me on this

Thank You

Hi Akul,

You can get information on how to join PartnerWorld here:

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