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Feb 15, 2012

Can Cloud Change IT for the Good, Forever?

By Tami Deedrick

In Aaron Bartell's article, “The Cloud Has Come. Is the Rain Good?” he throws out some forward-thinking ideas about how cloud could change IT forever. For example, could reboots be as simple as logging off and back on to get the latest version of an app? Could migrating to a new machine be an easy task with virtually no files to move? Could we eliminate the need for a full operating system for each user and instead just give the user a browser-based desktop with links to their applications?

Cloud holds many opportunities and risks. Are you ready to assess them and see how you can turn it to your advantage?

Leave a comment and we’ll have a conversation. Who will be first to tell Aaron he's off my rocker?





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Very good article. Some businesses still have some legal issues to work out: can I really store social security numbers in the cloud? Who is responsible for breach notification, my business or the hosting business? Will my boss, the soda-making guru, really allow me to store our corporate secret formulas on a machine that we don't control?

I started in this business in 1978, when a terminal was just that - a big phosphor tube and a keyboard. No PC, no local storage, everything was in the cloud - a cloud of one to be sure, but still... It's interesting to see the cycle begin anew.

While I cannot confirm if Aaron is off his rocker or not as that would be the pot calling the kettle black....he raises very interesting and valid points on how "the" or "a" cloud can be implemented in companies today.

The thought of the server in the sky w/software existing there as well and we only having "devices" that connect to it is basically here with any smart phone you hold in your hand.

Leaving data out of the picture for now until we can assure a safe means to protect all data that exists in the cloud, can software and hardware moving out of data centers be not that far off...especially for SMBs that are looking to remain competitive and cut costs?

What I find interesting is security of data is being brought up more than uptime. I consider that a signifier of us being more comfortable with the "stability" of the cloud.

Concerning security, I am wondering if we are worried about security in the cloud because we aren't using secure practices? For example, I know we could lock down our IBM i a lot more on the DB2 front as I believe there is now column level security/encryption, but my fear is mostly based on not having implemented an appropriate level of security (in my case we don't host sensitive customer info like SSNs on our IBM i cloud machine, but I do believe this is a VERY important thing to look at).

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