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June 2012

Jun 01, 2012

A Grand Slam for Real-Time Analytics

By Mike Westholder

Regardless of the sport, most hard-core fans, deep down, are data geeks. Aficionados have long obsessed over statistics, comparing and contrasting teams’ or individual players’ performances, over a game, season or career.

While historically that meant pouring over box scores a day or more after a game or match, now IBM private cloud technology is enabling sports fans to get their stat fix in real time. With the IBM SlamTracker, the 2012 French Open tennis tournament is satisfying fans’ desire for real-time data, scores, stats and video through the Web and mobile devices.

Throughout the tournament, which concludes June 10, tennis fans can track multiple matches as they happen through visually compelling charts and graphics. In addition to scores and stats—like aces, double faults, unforced errors and break point conversions—fans can track players’ momentum and keys to the match. These keys include metrics like a player’s ability to win a certain percentage of points on the first serve.

This environment is made possible by IBM’s cloud computing capabilities and services, which enable the creation and allocation of resources the tournament requires, while delivering transparent and real-time access. Event organizers expect the SlamTracker feature to drive a spike in traffic on the Roland-Garros website.

Finally, real-time data analytics are being put to use for something that really matters to people—sports!