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I've added this blog to Planet i (

Craig, Steve and soon Dawn, thanks for coming to the magazine staff with this idea. It's a wonderful addition to our Web site and should be quickly picked up as a favorite for many i folks.

Thanks, Craig, for a great post and a new blog that I'll look forward to reading!

I especially like the customer spotlight idea. I hope you plant to keep those coming so people can see examples of real businesses getting real value from this platform.

Thanks Susan. Yes we do plan to spotlight how our customers are using IBM i in each entry.

i blogs are a great idea. Keep them coming.

This blog is great and got immediate promotion to my RSS feed. Working with i on a daily basis, we often get too much focused on the finer points and forget to step back and get the big picture. Which is why I'm looking forward to more inspiration from now one from this blog.

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