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Interesting post on understanding the architecture of IBM i.
Here i have a question. How IBM i and System i different? Is it not the same power hypervisor running in both cases?

As per my understanding IBM i is an Operating System where as System i is the machine with all these layers including the hardware integrated and delivered to the customer. Please clarify.

Excellent question. We should have a FAQ list somewhere!

Before the spring of 2008, when you bought System i, it was the combination of a hardware platform and the i5/OS operating system.

In the spring of 2008, System i and System p were unified into "Power Systems." So, these days, you don't buy a "System i" - you buy a Power System with IBM i running on it. The hardware platform is the same whether you're running IBM i, AIX or Linux for Power.

However, all of you who have System i really have a precursor to a Power System as your hardware platform, and you have i5/OS as your operating system -- until you upgrade to 6.1, when the operating system gets it new name of IBM i.

In your System i on releases V5R4 and earlier, it is the i5/OS operating system that has all the layers I described in my blog.

So yes, the "System i" hypervisor is just an earlier release of the hypervisor IBM i uses.

I hope this helps.

There is a wiki over at

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