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Quite impressive. Keep up the good work.


Can you please let us know what level of performance data collection is possible with i6.1. I mean is it possible to find out what jobs and what programs are consuming more cpu and why?

IBM i supports several layers of performance data collection and the ability to find out what jobs and programs are consuming CPU is available in all supported releases. Standard work management interfaces (such as work with active jobs) can be used to identify the jobs that are consuming CPU and you can view call stacks for jobs to see what programs are running. Collection Services is the primary performance data collection method for basic performance analysis. In the IBM i 6.1 release, the Job Watcher performance data collector is now included in the operating system as well, and Job Watcher has the ability to collect call stacks and SQL statements, which can be very useful for understanding the application's performance characteristics. Finally, Performance Explorer, which has been available for many releases, has a profile mode that can be used to application performance analysis.

With IBM i 6.1 you should look at the Systems Director Navigator for i, one of the functions provided is this performance data investigator.

Since IBM i's performance management capabilities are very rich, we are working on a new Redbook that will cover the end-to-end performance management capabilities of IBM i. This Redbook will be available on the Redbooks web site early in November.

There are still tens, if not hundreds of thousands of installations running RPGLE and CL. Is IBM investing any of their resource to upgrade/improve this outstanding language and to also make it easy to integrate with web data?

It seems to be a given in the AS/400 community that IBM is marginalizing the AS/400 (i). There are many people leaving the platform and IBM doesn't seem to care much. It is perceived by the younger owners/managers as an old green-screen dinosaur representing bygone times. How can a user-based iManifest organization succeed if IBM is not behind it? The AS/400 user community can not force IBM to invest in a platform they don't believe is their future.

I've been using IBM's midrange systems for over 30 years. It's very sad and dis-heartening to watch the slow demise of this once great world class platform. I wish I were wrong but IBM's silence on this is deafening.

Responding to harry daum (but the rest of you go ahead and listen in.)

First, some information: We have added support to both allow RPG to call web services, and to allow RPG to be called as a web service. This is available to RPG for V5R4 and later. IBM also has new RPG features available in every release of the compiler and OS. And, if you watch the announcements next week, you'll see a preview of more work we're doing to make RPG more interesting and open.

In IBM i 6.1 we also added some function to CL that had been requested for quite a while. Feel free to check it out in the "What's New" part of the Information Center.

So, to answer your "Is IBM investing...?" question -- yes, we are. My job, in fact, is prioritizing the work that IBM funds in investing in the IBM i operating system itself.

Now, how do people find out about the new things we've done so they don't feel as you describe? That's a question we've struggled with as a community for years. I hope this blog, and Dawn May's, are helping to dispel the feeling that "IBM's silence on this is deafening."

And, if we think about it, it's a tad ironic that you would say we're silent in a blog written by IBMers.

what this version 6.1 brings again about IASP ,because the version 5.3 or 5.4 a lot off application or ERP don't operate well in mode IASP .

I want use replication hardware global mirror flash copy (baie DS800 to baie DS8000) .
Best regard

This is a great list. Here at Varsity Logistics we couldn't agree more with your reasons.

We actually have a few reasons of our own. Feel free to check out our blog, "Our Take: IBM i Is A Vibrant Market"


Andrew Karpie
Sr. Director, Business Development and Marketing

información por que debmos irnos a 6.1

Our biggest struggle to date has been getting vendors to get their products 6.1 compliant. We can't move until they are all ready. Some of them act as if this "6.1 thing" is all new to them! I can't imagine we are the first of their clients to attempt to move to 6.1.

Kevin, you are correct you are not the first to move to IBM i 6.1. We have a team that specifically works with ISVs on their support of IBM i. There are 1000s of applications already available for 6.1. If you let us know what applications you are running that are not yet supported on 6.1 we can see what we can do to help out.


A number of ISVs do support IASPs. Setting them up is relatively straight forward. We are the process of completing a Redbook on the subject.... the draft is currently available:

What is the performance increase for Java and Websphere on a Power 5 processor configured as below? I am currently running V5R4 but in the next six months plan to upgrade to i6.1.

520 Processor 522A, Service Processor 28D7 , Processor Capacity 7459 - .43 of a 2400 CPW Processor Prod = .25 = 600 CPW - 12.5 G (Memory) 4g memory, Dev = .15 = 360 CPW - 5.5 G (Memory)

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