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Wow this is a very vague article. There is no meat to the article and doesn't seem to take into account that people are virtualizing the Windows boxes these days with tools like Hyper-V which are so cost effective that it makes IBM's SKU's for the same functionality look like a joke.

Also a counter point to this is the following:

One of the things IBM i folks always tout is that they can do more things with one box. You can do the same with Windows or Linux servers, the question is do you want to build a big single server with lots of disk arms and load all of your stuff on one machine for a single point of failure or would you rather distribute it? If the answer is to distribute it for better fault tollerence then the ROI has disappeared with IBM i, if it even existed in the first place.

It's atleast good to see that IBM is continuing to improve on the hardware side of the arena even though the software side of things is still very much lacking. When I say lacking, I say what sort of system requires your server to go down for backups (GO SAVE, option 21). No windows box that I know of has that problem, you can backup the entire system without bringing the box down.

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