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Is there a site where we can see the intimate details of what was added? I am in particular interested in the RPG and PowerVM features.

Aaron Bartell

Need to find out the current hardware models that will run 7.1.

We have:



7.1 will run on all POWER5 generation systems and beyond. So, for the systems you have, 7.1 runs on 520, 550, 570, 595.

Is IBM also going to produce a Rational Open Access COBOL edition?

Or will COBOL shops have to learn RPG to make use of this new stuff?


I tried to answer yesterday. Let's see if I'm more successful today.

The general answer to "Where is more detailed documentation?" is "In the 7.1 Information Center." That site goes live at GA, on April 23.

However, for the specific topics you asked about we might have other locations to point you. For RPG, there is a document in draft status in the RPG Cafe, so it will get reviewed and then made available. I expect it also to be ready by GA.

I am asking our virtualization expert whether your PowerVM details are in the IBM i Information Center or another one. When I get the answer, I'll let you know.

And just as I mention it, the Rational Open Access: RPG Edition document gets approved. Here is the link:

Frank, I'll pass the request for a similar COBOL capability on to our friends in Rational. Believe me, we have heard it before. We started with opening up RPG because it's the larger code base for i, and we're very interested in how well it gets picked up. If it's as successful as we think it will be, then who knows....

For those of you looking for detailed i 7.1 documentation, the Information Center is now available here:

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