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I believe this is an excellent tool. I could see that triggers can be invoked upon specific difference (from snapshots). Triggers can operate the change or prompt the user. Following this idea a standard installation wizard can be made for any product: ptf, IBM, ISV product or combination.

Aside from this being a cool product, what interests me more is how it grew organically within your walls. Do the IBM i teams at IBM get to spend a certain percentage of their time pursuing their own creative ideas similar to what Google allows? If anybody reading this doesn't know what I am talking about, you can learn more about it here:

It might just be my perception, but Google seems to be doing better at rounding out ideas than any other company as it relates to common business function software. Gmail and GoogleDocs are perfect examples of this IMO. But Google isn't stopping there. They pose a threat to operating system runtime environments with the Google Apps Engine (

They don't stop at harvesting ideas from the 10k employees but let the public also contribute through their Google Code initiatives: Now, IBM does have something similar titled DeveloperWorks (, but there is a certain OS, DB and language IBM i, DB2 and RPG missing from the left nav on the site. Note that DB2 for i is mentioned (i.e., but not without digging for it.

My question: What are ways that we could get better representation on the DeveloperWorks site so it becomes a breeding grounds for IBMi related software?

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