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I think the Solution Editions are a great idea and am glad they are being documented in more easily digestible formats like this blog. The question I have is where are the media outlets that IBM is taking this? It isn't enough to put it up on your website. Are there ads being placed in prominent trade rags or banner ads on websites that ARE NOT part of the existing IBM i ecosystem? (i.e.,,, etc don't count because that is just preaching to the choir).

I don't know how much you have control over marketing as you are more on the technical side, but it would be great to hear where this is being promoted so we as the community can point at it as proof that IBM believes enough about it's IBMi Solutions Editions to actually advertise them. If IBM doesn't believe enough in them to advertise them, well, what am I supposed to say to the company that is leaving the IBM i for Microsoft?

I think IBM will promote these solution editions indirectly by providing the various ISV's with co-op marketing dollars that they will use to promote their individual solutions. It isn't the kind of IBM i-specific marketing you might be looking for, but the ISV's probably spend the more more cost-effectively to reach their target audiences than IBM. Of course, the ISV's still need IBM marketing support to validate the i as a platform and that's what's been lacking for a long time.

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