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This is wonderful information! Your chart can be used where we fight the TCO vs TCA argument. And, such positivity with IBM i and 7.1 can be used as effective information to educate those with other agendas.

Thank you.

We're running 4 LPARs on v7.1. 2 LPARs are dedicated to Lotus Domino/Notes & the other 2 are ERP & Dev/HA. no issues whatsoever. Upgrade was pretty much a "non-event" considering we had already made the leap to v6.1 earlier on. so far the performance is better, the new system management capabilities are very nice tools to have. for me some of the biggest advantages have been in the database & application development dept. SQL performance has improved drastically (in v6.1 & v7.1), the new functionality/enhancements to the RPG language was worth the upgrade alone.

This is really a great presentation. I would really like to see a clear presentation of the IBM i Cloud strategy, if there is one?


I know the white paper mentioned is meant to be for higher level system type things, but I am curious to know if IBM is still doing a roadmap for programmers/developers?

A couple google searches turned up nothing for me - I am probably using the wrong terms :-(

@Patrick - I don't have a "Cloud Strategy" presentation yet, sorry. I will be presenting "IBM i Trends & Directions" -- or variations on that theme -- several times in the coming few months. "Cloud" will be part of that.

Yet this is also an area that is evolving. There are cloud-enablement services being offered by our ISV team which I'd like to blog about. There are efforts underway to figure out how to license and charge in a cloud environment. And then there is the underlying technology around which cloud is based -- some of which has been delivered, some of which will be delivered soon, some of which is coming.

It's a big topic. We'll talk internally about when & how to communicate it.

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